10 Of The Most Awesome Dog Paw Tattoos Ever

Dogs have not been considered “Man’s best friend” to no purpose. Every single dog owner in this world knows that the bond between them and their pup is powerful and deserves to be honored and memorialized as a permanent tribute to your beloved canine companion. General paw print tattoos have been trending for some time now, but dog paw tattoos mean…

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Families Adopt Dogs Before Meeting Them And Lose It While Having To Pick Them In Random Order

Last summer, after hearing the sounds of whining and weeping coming from a close property, a Detroit resident immediately called The Michigan Humane Society asking for help. His neighborhood had recently undergone heavy rainstorms, so he recognized that whatever was making those voices was in dire need. Once arrived on the scene, the brave men from MHS made an incredible rescue…

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The Incredible Story Of How This Service Dog Helped This Little Girl Will Warm Your Heart

After hearing about the remarkable story of how this little girl’s service dog helped her walk anew, BarkPost knew that he was more than worthy of their “Dog’s Best Day” honor. Bella is an 11-year old girl suffering from Morquio Syndrome, a rare progressive disorder that affects directly her mobility. So her mother decided that a service animal would be very…

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Babysitting dog never had to be taught how to love baby

Meet Charlie the Beagle. His family taught him several impressive skills, including how to play keyboard, and how to change traffic lights when they cross the street. But the one thing they didn’t need to teach him was how to love their daughter Laura. Charlie was first introduced to the baby girl the moment she came home. As he is…

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