10 Of The Most Awesome Dog Paw Tattoos Ever

Dogs have not been considered “Man’s best friend” to no purpose. Every single dog owner in this world knows that the bond between them and their pup is powerful and deserves to be honored and memorialized as a permanent tribute to your beloved canine companion.

General paw print tattoos have been trending for some time now, but dog paw tattoos mean so much more. We have compiled a list of people who have tattooed exact replicas of their pup’s paw on their skin, and they are extremely adorable.

These marvelous tattoos will last forever, in loving memory of your best friend.  We can totally see this trend catching on as an elegant and artistic way of showing your immense affection for your dog.

Let us know in the comments below if you have a tattoo of your pet’s paw.

#1 Put some colors on your paw-tattoo

#2 Look how remarkably realistic it can be!

#3 Isn’t this the best idea for a forearm tattoo?

#4 If you already got plenty of these in mud all over your house, it’s time to get it in ink on you!

#5 How stunning this Luna’s tattoo is!

#6 Their hands together, forever!

#7 Love the heart <3!

#8 A little thank you for walking by my side!

#9 Snoop must be a very special doggie!

#10 Mum, check what I can do!

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