Babysitting dog never had to be taught how to love baby

Meet Charlie the Beagle. His family taught him several impressive skills, including how to play keyboard, and how to change traffic lights when they cross the street. But the one thing they didn’t need to teach him was how to love their daughter Laura.

Charlie was first introduced to the baby girl the moment she came home. As he is such a fast-learner, his family quickly taught him how to put a blanket on Laura, how to swing her baby crib, how to help change her diapers, and how to gently with her. But his love for her was natural and intuitive, as their family never felt the need to teach him that. The gentle dog brings a smile to his best buddy’s face every single day, never leaving her side, wanting to play around the house for hours, supporting one another, and even napping together.

This is incredibly touching, and you cannot just ignore it. Watch their precious moments together as they grow together, and share the adorable video with your family and friends, then comment and let us know what do you think about it.

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