A Study confirms the ability of dogs in revealing characters

An indisputable proof to end our suspicion.

Have you ever wondered about your dog’s ability to distinguish the good people from the evil ones? Well, science says that you ought to.

Dogs are known to be very skillful in communication as well as emotionally supportive. Interestingly enough, a recent study published in the journal “Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews”, revealed that dogs can recognize people’s character and know if they’re being mean to others.

Since dogs are similar to humans in some ways; they actually tend to treat people depending on this information. Yes, be sure that your puppy is absolutely judging you and others, and this clearly explains the reaction of your dog to someone.

The study experimented with people showing unfriendly behavior.

The research disclosed that dogs reacted poorly towards people who refused to give their owners a hand.

The dogs’ owners were asked to pretend that they’re struggling to open a container by themselves and then to turn to two other researchers for help.

One of the researchers stood still and did nothing, while the second either assisted the dogs’ owners in opening the container or refused to help.

Later on, the researchers offered the dogs treats one at a time. The pups showed no preference to either the neutral or helpful researchers, whereas for the researchers who keenly displayed their refusal to help, the dogs completely rejected the treat.

Now, you get to understand that your dog does not only love you because you feed them regularly. In fact, he is able to identify the rude people around you and reacts accordingly, which might explain the growls.

We always believed that dogs were faithful, but this study confirms it definitively.

Another study discovered that dogs are really sharp observers.

A Japanese study got the same results as the previous one: dogs can evaluate people socially and emotionally, regardless of their direct concern, as explained by the lead researcher, Kazoo Fujita.

So from now on, you should always ask your canine companion if you’re having doubts about the person you’re dating or if you’re suspecting someone. He will definitely tell you the truth. Afterall, your dog is your best friend.

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