Appreciative Puppy Will Not Give Up Nuzzling With Woman Who Saved Him

The dog cannot give up nestling on the woman’s shoulder who adopted and gave him home. Cuddling was his only way to show his deepest gratitude.

The dog’s owner, Kayla Filoon, is a college student who adopted a homeless dog. She was volunteering at an animal shelter where she met her dog, Russ. He had countless injuries; itchy skin, bleeding tail, eye infection and kennel cough. Though his bad health condition, he was very calm and quite as Filoon noticed and felt that he was waiting for her to take him home.


One day she visited him again and took him for a ride, then she decided to adopt him. She took him home and has become a part of her life.

Their picture cuddling each other has gone viral and the touching moment between the puppy and his humom got Everyone’s respect and admiration, even the animal shelter was really pleased about Russ new home.

Filoon and Russ are brought together in an unexpected way. They meant to be together. We are all looking forward to seeing more photos of them in the future.

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