His Dog Took Off After A Little Boy. What He Did Next Totally Saved The Child

Many people still view pit-bulls as a hostile and aggressive breed of dogs, when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth than this.

Owners of the breed will often assure you that they’re gentle, faithful, and highly protective of both their canine and human families. Yet, the following story by Stacie Rae English shows that they also do not hesitate when it comes to rescuing others in dire need, especially young kids.

Stacie posted the heart-warming and impressive rescue delivered by Hurley, her brother’s pit-bull lab mix, on Facebook where it quickly gathered more than 47,000 likes and 21,000 shares.

In her post, Stacie reveals that one evening around 10 p.m, her brother was walking around his charming dog Hurley in the neighborhood, since he can unleash him then and let him freely wander and delve into his surroundings and explore all the different sensations.

Suddenly, the man heard a child’s loud screams, and before he could react to the circumstances in hand, Hurley had already taken off towards the crying baby.

Stacie was so touched by what had happened next, that she felt she had to share this experience with the world. On Facebook, she states that with her brother close behind, he saw his pup seize a copperhead snake away from the young kid and throw it around, killing it. Then the little boy ran to his mother’s car, and they drove off so fast that Stacie’s brother couldn’t get any information on them, but assumed that the little boy was probably bitten and needed to be rushed to the ER. Once the animal control center was called, the cops arrived to examine the scene.

She adds that they asked to take a look at the heroic dog to see if he was bitten. To her brother’s surprise, Hurley was in fact bleeding, had a swollen neck and some sort of foam coming out from his mouth. After the examination, they found two cut wounds in his upper lip. Hurley was then rushed to Denton Animal Emergency Hospital where he spent the night so that they could check his blood coagulating ability several times throughout the night. They both got home the next morning, and thankfully, Hurley was doing a lot better.

Wow, talk about risky encounters! Great job Hurley!

The sister concludes her post by writing that it was later discovered that the little boy had come across a copperhead nest. Hopefully, Hurley had prevented him from getting bitten. The family is still trying to find out who the little boy is and check if he is okay.

This story is for everyone who stereotypes pit-bulls as dangerous creatures. What a rescue!

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