How to Take Care Of A Dog

Having a dog is great fun and so satisfying. But, dogs have multiple needs and each dog is special. There is nothing such as the ‘perfect’ way to care for all puppies, but our professional advice will help you ensure your puppy is happy and healthy.

Dog pressing his paw against a woman hand

There are around 8.5million dogs adopted in the UK. There are many different races and kinds of dogs, all differing in body shape, personality and size.

Looking at the world through dogs eyes can help you understand your puppy better!

Dogs have extremely developed senses

  • Dogs have an amazingly strong sense of smell, far better than us humans have.
  • At specific frequencies, dogs can hear sounds less than 4 times quieter than humans can detect.
  • Dogs can also detect an ultrasound, a sound with a frequency higher than the top limit of human hearing.
  • Dogs can see a lot better than us in the dark and foggy or low light.

Dogs use a lot of ways to communicate

  • Communication is extremely valuable in helping dogs make and keep social groups.
  • Dogs offer a range of sounds, often in complicated mixtures, including whimpers whines, barks,  growls, and howls.
  • Several dogs can use their tail, body, face,  ears, face, and limbs to communicate with all other dogs.

Dogs are so fast

  • The fastest reported speed for a dog (greyhound) is 42 miles/h, same to that of a racehorse.

Dogs are naturally curious

  • Dogs are mostly curious about almost everything and will spend lots of time exploring and investigating.
  • Wild dogs will naturally wander for long distances in search of new food.

Dogs are actually omnivores

  • Dogs would like to eat both plant food and meat, and that’s called omnivores.
  • Dogs’ teeth form is adapted to this nature, they have a different shape of teeth designed especially for tearing meat, compared to carnivores dogs that have molars, which are designed for grinding plant food.

Dogs are very social

  • Many dogs like the companionship of other dogs, but they enjoy also develop tide social bonds to people, becoming so connected to special individuals.

Dogs are smart

  • Dogs can memorize the names of their games. For example, a dog named Rico (border collie) learned the names of 200 games and can certainly bring the correct toy when requested to.

Dogs are active

  • Dogs use specific signals to show that they wanna play. When they want others to join in playing, a dog bend on its forelimbs waits on its hindlimbs and wags its tail and bark. This behavior called the ‘let’s play bow’.

Dogs truly are human’s best friend

  • Some dogs help their keepers with very special things. Assistance dogs can help a blind deaf or a disable owner in their daily life.
  • Dogs can be trained to recognize drugs, termites, termites, explosives and even some diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Now after you know more about your dog’s preferences, specialties, hobbies, capacities and nature you can easily communicate more with them and make the bond between you much stronger.

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