Animal rescue missions aren’t always easy. Sometimes, they can get very tough, as they do not end up the way they are intended to, like this little journey.

Once someone reported to Hope For Paws that many orphaned puppies were living in a cave, they sent a team so as to investigate.

When they showed up, they took a look inside and as expected, they noticed quite a few little puppies. The unidentified man who got a hold of the first puppy tried to make sure that he wouldn’t be bitten when pulling the puppy out.

Since it was the tiny pup’s first human contact, he started crying, not knowing what was happening. Soon enough, he calmed down, but his squealing was enough to scare all the other puppies away, and consequently, they got further back in the narrow cave.

The man then decided to go into the cave, doing an army crawl, and thus picked up two more puppies. However, the rest got even more distant, making it impossible for the man to reach them.

That being so, the only solution left for the rescuers was to go to the other side, dig a hole big enough for them to get in and where the puppies would again be visible, and hope for the best.

Thankfully, it went well, as they were very careful so that the cave wouldn’t fall down. Once again, the man crept back in, taking the rest of the pups out. He recalls that at one point, he had to seize one by the foot, which made it easy for the puppy to bite his hand.

They were done after getting eight puppies out. They had all of the tiny creatures out of the cave and started preparing to load them up and leave when suddenly, the guy thought it would be smart to double check the cave so as to confirm that everyone was rescued, which definitely was since they were quite wrong.

Further inside the small cave, was one more disoriented puppy. This one wasn’t like the others. As the others were being pulled out, they were crying and shrieking, while it wasn’t the case for this one, there was no quivering, no crying. Once they got a closer look, they could see that she was obviously the runt of the litter.

She was calm and quiet, not making a sound. If he didn’t check the cave for the second time, they would have left her there, and boy aren’t we glad he did!

Frankly, these people are superheroes! What they did is unbelievably awesome.

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