The Top 5 Dog Breeds for Families

Some dogs may tolerate kids in the house, but these races won’t only be your kid’s pet – they’ll become their intimate, friend, and play buddy! If you have kids or are planning on having any one day, think about adopting one of these races and watch them suddenly become more of a “brother/sister” than “pet!”.

#5 – Boxer

One of the Boxers’ most unique characteristics is its love for kids. They are a people-oriented race and favor to keep their pack close by. Energetic and loving, the Boxer requires to have lots of activities and playful interaction.

#4 – Mastiff

This good-natured big links directly with its family and likes to be around his humans. Soft with kids, this race makes a perfect family pet. When he feels his pack is in danger, a Mastiff will obviously knock an invader to the floor and lay on them until help comes.

#3 – Old English Sheepdog

This effective dog is considered loving and kind, although there may be an ability to herd its people; this could not be so bad if the kids are moving late for school. The AKC explained this race as strong filled with clownish energy.

#2 – Labrador Retriever

Another common race is the Labrador Retriever. This excited to please race is bouncy and likes playing with their families. they love to swim and play in the water or on the beach. People would benefit from a Labrador’s athletic tendencies. They would make your children happier than any other breed.

#1 – Dalmatian

Parent favorite choice, the recognized Dalmatian would be an unbelievable bonus to any family. Active, this race loves to run with the children all day long and cuddle with them in the evening. If the house includes horses, much better; the Dalmatian has an amazing relationship with horses.

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