Two Dogs Fell In Love With One Adorable Kitten And Decided To Be Her Loyal Budyguards

Two adorable puppies tried to get the heart of a tiny little incredible kitten.

Meet Cleo the kitty

A several months ago, Cleo came to her new house where she was introduced to two dogs family members Oden and Aksel.

Cleo fits in immediately and was not humble about showing off her cuteness. She soon found her room among her new family members.

Oden one of her new brothers was so nice to her since their first meeting as he offered her his favorite toy.

“He thought that her toy wasn’t enough and brought his favorite (sock) over. He loves his tiny sister,” Imgur user twodogsandakitty told us.

Oden hoping to win the little Cleo over with a generous offering!

The day after their first connection, their human’s parents woke up to tiny Cleo cuddled up to her goldie brother.

Oden became Cleo’s protector, but he is not the only one who loved to be her bodyguard.

Aksel, Oden’s best friend, also fell for the little kitty.

“They loved to sleep all together in one cage even though each one of them has his own bed,” the family said.

Growing older with two canine buddies, Cleo was thinking that she was a part puppy.

Aksei loves his catlike sister and he never lets her feel lonely. They are usually seen hugging each other through the nap time.

They grow up fast!

Cleo is full of cuteness and energy yet she knows who the big brothers are.

“She clearly rules the pack,” they said.

The kitten has 2 loyal, protective dog brothers AKA her best bodyguards.

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