5 Things Your Dog Loves That You Probably Don’t Know

There are several things that you know your puppy likes: belly massages, back scratches, bathroom drinks, dances in the mud, a nice sniff to the rear end of a total stranger… but there is more stuff  that your dog just craves you to know about them:

1. Edamame: edamame is packed with protein and high in fiber. But you must maybe be careful from lighting a candle nearby your dog after having a big edamame meal– because you know they are beans after all. 😉

Note: Before giving any new food to your puppy, please make sure to verify with your vet first

2. Laser Pointers. That wiggly emission of photons isn’t exclusive for the kitties, lasers also initiate a happy pup’s prey drive. And if you’re concerned about the loss of bonus that a laser produces to your light-chaser in honey-badger style, try hiding gifts around the house and use the laser to maintain your dog win down those gifts.

3. Ice Cubes. It’s a somewhat well-known case that puppies like ice cubes (and that Snoop Dogg likes Ice Cube), but how about chick broth ice cubes for your puppy? Or a sport of ice cube football on the crate/linoleum ground? While listening to Ice Cube?

4. Crunchy fruits and veggies. Carrot sticks, pears, celery, apples, broccoli, cucumbers, and cauliflower.  A five-year-old person’s he-double-hockey-sticks and a five-year-old dog’s happiness.

5. Structure. Dull, we understand. But puppies like consistency and routines in their daily lives. Sure they like a great adventure of taking a swim in the creek or a pleasant trip to that fancy land that is a puppy park, but environmental differences like a new home or an out-of-whack food program can confuse your puppy out and cause a problem on the large, fancy, living room carpet. One thing that should always be a part of your dog’s routine? just hugging. Even a foot snuggle will do the magic. 😉

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