Chihuahua Gives Birth To Record-Breaking Litter

Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption is a non-profit pet adoption center. It aims to rescue animals from the streets and find them new homes and families to provide better living conditions. On a trip to Kansas, they rescued many chihuahuas and brought them back with them.

One of the puppies was pregnant, it was called LOL (Lots of Laughs). 

She was expected to give birth any time. That’s why they had to be prepared to care for the babies until they got a new home. Finding a home for puppies is much easier than adults, so that was a relief.

The staff tried their best to find LOL a home where she can deliver in the bosom of a family, so the mom and the babies could stay together at least for a while until they found other homes for the puppies.

Josie Boyd Brown and her family welcomed to help the pregnant mother.

The family was very enthusiastic about her pregnancy and eager to see the babies. Soon, they realized that the puppies were about to be viable.

LOL delivered on National Puppy Day. It’s a well-known fact that chihuahuas normally only give birth at most 4 puppies in a litter because of their small sizes, but she was an exception. The family surprisingly watched her pushing out five puppies, though it was not easy for a small dog, she continued to labor and after all, she had five more pups.

10 puppies in total were delivered! 

The moment that she finished birthing, the family assist her to clean the pups and make sure they are fed and doing well. It was late at night, they left the mom and her babies to get rest.

On the next day, they were all eager to check on the mum and her pups and know their genders.

When they counted them, they found 3 girls and eight boys. 

The family was astonished by the weird number, they left only 10 pups, which means that she continued delivering the 11th pup after they went to bed.

The pitiful dog experienced 12 hours of laboring. Although she was exhausted she was keen to provide care for her babies.

The family searched on the net and found out that LOL had broken a world record for her breed to deliver that odd number. The family had contacted The Guinness Book of World Records that made her a new world record holder officially. 

The puppies will remain with their mom and foster family until they are 10 weeks old. Then they will get their own homes.

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