Couples Found A Way To Include Their Dogs Into Their Wedding And It’s Absolutely Pawsome

Couples who adore their dogs would love to include them in everything they do, even in their weddings, but how to integrate them elegantly?

The easiest idea is to get your pup perfectly groomed for a great wedding puppy portrait. Gil and Luna are one of the couples who wanted to incorporate their lovable dogs in their marriage ceremony in a creative way. Chimney, a 10-year-old Jack Russell, Einstein, a 3-year- Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Pug mix, became forever immortalized as part of the topper for the couple’s marvelous ceremony cake.

It turns out that the trend is on the increase, and the options are widely available, doggy themed cakes and toppers to ring bearing collars, for the couples who want to include their beloved puppies in their wedding days.

The pictures below will show the beauty of the idea and how it can be fulfilled if you think about doggifying your wedding day.

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