Dog Saves Young Man From Suicide

It’s nearly unbelievable, but Byron Taylor’s life has been rescued by his canine, Geo!

After a bad break-up with his girlfriend, Byron Taylor was depressed to the point he wanted to end his life. He made a knot from a rope and went downstairs to sign a suicide note to his loved ones.

When he came back to his room his puppy called Geo had caught possession of the rope and didn’t wanna let go though he is usually very good behaved. He wouldn’t give it back even when Taylor decided to pull it vigorously. Taylor claimed that his submissive puppy actually barked at him.

Next Geo did something even more unusual: He ripped the knot to pieces.

“He chewed off the knot. He never growled like this before, but every time I decided to take the rope, he would bark aggressively…, I believe Geo understood what I was planning to do. Dogs have like a 6th sense about these things I think.

Unhappily, the owner has a new life or death choice to make because Geo was diagnosed with a tumor that is, obviously, growing. This unbelievable dog seemingly has only a few weeks to be alive even though he is only 6 years old.

It’s tragic, but as this story has developed, on social media, there are lots of people who are praying for both of them. Many have declared concern for the young guy that the death of his dog may drag him into depression again.

Byron Taylor has improved from his earlier depression. And he is paying a lot of attention to Geo, whose development is currently controlled by his doctor. Geo is still in better moods and plays joyfully. Byron will have to make the hard choice of when and only if to set his puppy down according to his level of happiness and quality of life. It’s a difficult decision, but clearly, the young man is grateful to be available to take a good care of Geo now after the marvelous puppy protected his life.

He tells he is certain he wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for his amazing dog.

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