What’s the Deal with Dogs and Postal Workers?

The time of day approaches and your dog friend grows anxious, upset. It’s like they know: something evil is coming.

They’re scratching on the door, or walking at the fence, expecting an imminent trouble. When the offender appears—pulling strange objects from that dark bag—your dog goes aggressive, barking until the attacker strategically leaves.

Why do dogs dislike the postman so much? What makes that aggressive action pointed at your friendly neighborhood mail worker? (Notice: it’s not their outfits!) We’ve rounded up the top 3 causes.

Why Do Dogs Bark at Mailmen?

1. Stranger danger

It’s not constantly just the mailman. USPS, FedEx or UPS,… any delivery worker can have this influence, as they’re threatening the house and going behind strange things with unusual scents. Even if it’s the same postman every day, this man has none of the validation that other guests get upon joining and communicating in the house.

Think about it: You introduce your buddies to your dog, and may even chat with cable guy or any other repair person. The mailman stays a puzzle and is an eternal outsider.

2. Territorial behavior

The mailman isn’t just a strange person—they’re overstepping on your dog’s territory.

Your house is their house, and natural protection instincts kick in.

3. A history of barking

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Your dog doesn’t know that the postman was going to go anyhow, barking or not barking. Instead, your canine thinks their dangerous plan works to scare off the attacker, and uses it every time with same vigor.

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