Heartbroken Girl Forced To Give Up Dog, But Fate Would Bring Them Together 8 Years Later

If your destiny going to gather you with someone, nothing in the entire world will stop that from happening. Nicole Renae and her dearest dog Chloe were separated for years, but life brought them back together.

Chloe was Nicole’s 10th birthday present

Chloe was her parents only child, that is why her grandmother thought about bringing a companion. From that day, Nicole fell in love with Chloe and became best friends ever.

After four years, Nicole had to relinquish her Chloe to the humane society.

Her dad got a new job that required no audible distractions for his home office.

Nicole was brokenhearted

When Nicole became independent and set up her own family, she wanted her daughter to be raised with the experience of having a puppy.

She was searching on Facebook for adopting a puppy, but she changed her mind when she saw a photo of a senior dog up for adoption.

When she saw the photo, she felt that the dog is kind of familiar, but when she checked the name of the dog she thought that was not only a coincidence.

When she went to the shelter to see the dog, she was very surprised by the dog’s same reaction. They kept hugging each other for long.

Nobody would believe that after more than six years of separation, they were going to be reunited again. Even her family didn’t believe, fortunately, Chloe had been microchipped, so they took her the vet to get her scanned. It was the same Chloe, the family was very pleased, Nicole was delighted that she found her missing part.

Chloe had been adopted by two families before she was returned to the shelter. Nicole was very satisfied to have her dog back and be able to see her every day. It’s really a miracle!

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