‘Hero’ dog saves owner, 86, from robber

A puppy “rescued the life” of his 86 years old keeper by frightening off a criminal who was trying to attack her.

Rescue canine Axel bounced in when he noticed keeper Joyce Ackerley getting knocked on the head by a robber who attempted to take her necklace as she “hanged around” in her Greater Manchester backyard one day.

The dog jumped on the thief, bit him and then followed him as he ran away. Mrs. Ackerley claimed that This brave puppy was her “hero” and he really “rescued her life”.

The old lady from  Salford, Little Hulton assumed that she believed the man had been requesting directions when she opened her border gate for him.

She also said that he yelled, “give me all your jewels”, and attempted to attack her.

“The thing I’m certain of is that he beats me over my head with something that seems like a broom,” she added.

“People say that you can’t see stars in the morning, but believe me I did that day.”

“At that moment Axel came rushing and barking down the garden”, she said.

“I’ve never witnessed him running this fast!, he jumped at this bloke and beats him down on to the ground,” continued Mrs. Ackerley.

“He stood up but my dog continued biting his arm. He shook Axel off and I guessed I had lost my baby.  But the brave dog came around with his nose soaked in blood.”

Mrs. Ackerley claimed that Axel four years ago was a rescue dog.

“He is very kind – we name him the gentle giant.”

She continued: “I was spoiling him all the time since he rescued me – he is my hero.”

The Greater Manchester Police officer Det Con Steven Hughes said that the attack could have been a lot worse if that brave puppy didn’t come on time and scare the criminal away”.

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