Man In Yellow Jacket Assaults Woman, Doesn’t See Dog’s Reign Of Terror Coming

We all know that dogs are very faithful to humans, they can be protective as well. This tyke astonished everyone with his incredible actions.

A former stray dog had lived on the street for five years. His adorable behavior made all the street residents love him. They offer him food and a place to stay. He was called Medo, He had never shown aggression to anybody, until the day he was obliged to so as to save one of his friends.

One day, a woman who lived in the neighborhood, was on her way home back from the market when she was attacked.

The woman was going home carrying a bag, Medo was sitting in the middle of the street, and a random man walking in a hurry and drift to the woman’s direction.

The unknown man was wearing a yellow jacket. After he had attacked the woman from behind, seized her by the arm and pushed her over, Medo had a quick react by biting and chasing him away.

Everyone who watched the incident that was recorded by a neighbor’s security camera claimed that Medo must be honored for his courageous action, and When you watch the short clip yourself, you will certainly share the same point.

The instant shows Medo chasing the man away

He repeatedly tried to bite the man many times, he kept chasing him away to make sure that his friend is no longer in danger.

On that day, Medo got a royal meal prepared by the woman. All the neighborhood residents were proud of the amazing dog. Dogs can be real friends and protectors.

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