Man Rescues Drowning Puppy Using Plastic Bottle

Gratitude to his fast-thinking, a Vietnamese cyclist rescued the life of a drowning puppy with the aid of an improvised fan made of a bottleneck.

A little pup was sinking in the river in South Vietnam but Hoang Minh, a 21years old cyclist, was in the best place at the best moment to rescue the weak animal. As soon as the kind man saw a lifeless corpse swimming in the river he picked the dog out of the river and began to act quickly.

The heart-rending performance method was taken by a camera connected to the cyclist’s hat.

(WARNING: Some viewers may find the following video disturbing.)

In the beginning, Minh stroked the pup, washed his face to lift all obstacles that could stop the puppy from breathing and made sure he didn’t swallow his tongue.

The guy cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle and attached the end of the makeshift lung fan to the puppy’s face, he started to blow into the puppy’s lungs through the neck of the bottle. By this point, the puppy started to show symptoms of life and cry. After the pup eventually became conscious, Minh covered him with tissue to warm him up.

According to the guy, the entire saving performance was totally improvised. “After getting the pup from the water, I was very worried and just did what I had to do without holding,” the good guy told Vietnamese media, as quoted. “I didn’t really know the best paramedic method,” he admitted.

The fate of the dog is really unknown, but hopefully, the tiny puppy will find his way home and have a long happy life as he deserves.

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