Student adopts pitbull from shelter. These 10 pics prove dog’s love for new owner

Over the past several months, young student Kayla Filoon has done some volunteer work as a dog walker for ACCT Philly, an animal shelter in Philadelphia. She loved taking the shelter dogs for walks, but one specific pup completely won her heart – just as he became quite the Internet celebrity.

When Russ first arrived at the animal shelter, he was in a very poor condition. With several patches of fur missing and a weight of 40 pounds, it looked bad for the 4-year-old pit bull.

In spite of the rough exterior, Russ showed everyone how smart and caring he is. However, Filoon was very concerned. When she visited the shelter one day, she noticed that he was unusually quiet, not making any sort of move. So she decided to take him for a walk and ended up falling in love with the little pup.

Filoon said that he seemed so kind, as he didn’t bark at any other dog during their walk.

Once their walk was finished, Filoon called her mother to tell her that she absolutely needs to adopt Russ. Since she had gushed about other dogs from the animal shelter before, her mom thought she was joking. However, Filoon couldn’t be more serious, especially when she knew that overcrowding has just resulted in the euthanization of fifteen dogs in the shelter. This made Russ’s adoption a top priority for Filoon.

After class the following day, she went back to the shelter to spend more time with Russ. Taking him for a car ride was enough to seal the deal. She then returned to the animal shelter to begin the adoption process.

Fortunately, Filoon’s six roommates immediately took a liking to Russ, who slept a lot like if he was recovering from a cough.

As for the photo that gained them the Internet fame, Filoon was seen working on doing her homework when Russ climbed up on her couch, making himself comfortable. Even though there was plenty of empty space in the room, including his bed, he just wanted to be near his beloved mummy

Filoon hopes that the viral photo would encourage others to adopt shelter dogs.

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