This Couple’s Surprisinag Reaction to Their Wedding Crasher Had the Internet Applauding

A Wedding crasher is normally a furious ex, an alienated family member, or some jealous people. In Brazil a couple, however, received an invited guest who suddenly broke into the ceremony, then a touching story unfolded.

The Pieroni couple were starting their wedding ceremony. when Marília and Matheus were about to read their vows, a homeless dog broke into the tent where the wedding ceremony was held because of the rainstorm and laid down on Marília’s veil. Some women would lose their mind -bridezilla mode-, whereas Marília warmly welcomed him. She was delighted to have him as an official guest. she is very fond of animals.

When the party started to wind down, the newlyweds looked for their unexpected guest, but he had done a moonlight flit. The dog’s got everyone’s attention.

They changed the place planned for their wedding ceremony due to the rainstorm.

The ceremony was going as planned until Marília and Matheus were about to state their vows…

And found the unexpected guest laying down on the bride’s veil.

Brides in such case would have gone bridezilla mode, unlike Marília was totally excited.

Their wedding crasher was a homeless dog looking for a shelter and was kindly welcomed.

When the party started to wind down, the newlyweds decided to take the dog with them, but he seemed to be left for good.

After a week and a half of searching all over the town, the couple finally received the good news.

Finally, their lost guest had been found, and they were all happily reunited.

He has been taken as a part of their happy family and was named Snoop.

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