Turns Out, UPS Drivers Have A Facebook Group About Dogs They Meet On Their Routes, And It Will Make Your Day

UPS drivers or postal workers meet various people on a daily basis, and as it turns out, dogs too. Those enthusiastic puppies with their wagging tongues and warm greetings make the drivers delighted.

That’s why, Sean McCarren who has worked at UPS for 17 years, as a driver, has come with the awesome idea of creating a Facebook group “UPS DOGS”.

The group has been successfully created five years now, it gives UPS drivers the opportunity to share videos and pictures of the friendly pets they become familiar with along their work hours. More importantly, to pay homage to the furry pals who always cheer the workers up.

The dogs eagerly await the UPS trucks to stop by and greet the drivers. The customers noticed how their pets react actively when they meet the workers.  They have a strong friendship bond.

Sean McCarren, the creator of the group, with one of the puppies he meets along his route.

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