Dog and His Fuzzy Purple Hippo Must Be Adopted Together, Shelter Says

The Fox Valley Humane Association of Appleton, Wisconsin is doing amazing work for animals. The non-profit shelter cares for over 5,000 animals a year. Recently, they accepted a bonded pair they knew couldn’t be adopted separately. Hank the dog arrived at the shelter with a fuzzy purple hippopotamus he loved. (One very like this sweet li’l stuffed hippo.)

Hank and the hippo

The association shared a picture of the pair on Instagram, saying that they would not accept your application to adopt the fuzzy hippo if you’re not ready to take his 4-year-old lab with him. Apparently, they have been together for quite a long time and cannot be separated now.

The hippo withstands an emergency surgery

In a shocking plot-twist, the fuzzy hippo was found almost beheaded in Hank’s kennel. The shelter kept posting updates of one situation, even asking the people to pray for the victim.

An investigation was taking place in the shelter to find out what happened, while Hank seemed a little guilty and refused to answer their questions.

Luckily, on-site vets intervened to save the purple hippo’s life.

Police investigate the assault

Soon enough, the police were on the case and worked very hard to prove Hank’s innocence, as Hank said he was only afraid that his friend would get in trouble if the shelter found out that she was trying to get out of the kennel. Apparently, Hank was willing to go to prison if that’s what it would take to protect her so that she can go to a good home. How adorable!

Dog protesters stomping the pavement for Hank’s innocence

Hippo talks about the incident with a therapist

Hank was finally cleared of the assault charge

After the news of Hank’s clean record was shared, the pair quickly found a forever home, for both of them at last. Check out the photo of their new family below:

Hank and fuzzy purple hippo with their new parents and sibling

Congratulations to the two beautiful friends.


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