Dog Goes To Target, Has The Best Time Of Her Life

When you’re very young and still trying to discover and learn about all the things happening around you, even the trivial things can blow your mind, like a shop. So, when Zira, probably the cutest half Corgi in the entire world, and her human went to Target, her excitement was incredible. As her contagious huge smile is taking the internet by storm, we can’t help but think it will brighten your day too.

Her owner Jesse revealed that this was actually her second trip, although the first one didn’t really count because she was just sleeping the whole time. Reminding them of Rose from the movie Titanic, with how she was leaning against the front of the cart and having a good look out into the big world, they could tell how much she loved it.

Zira, the 4-month-old Corgi, and Aussie mix can’t stop looking for anything she can chew.  As Jesse states, she loves getting new chew toys, whether they bounce, squeak or crinkle. And because she is their first pup, she is getting spoiled as much as she possibly can.

On Twitter, Zira has become a viral celebrity, ever since photos of her wonderful time at Target have accumulated more than 487K likes and 127K retweets.

Not only did the trip bring the Monterey, CA-based puppy instant fame, but also some real love. While she was there, a woman saw her and completely lost it over how adorable she was. Zira then started licking her, and the woman completely fell for her.

Enjoy watching the little darling’s cute photos below.

Turns out, Zira wasn’t the first furball to enjoy a trip to Target

However, we would like to note that not all shops allow bringing pets in and that not all animals enjoy this kind of commotion. Please be careful while putting your lovely pet inside a shopping trolley.


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