Dog Who Was Too Hurt To Be Pet Can’t Stop Cuddling His New Dad

To change one’s name can be pretty intense, it can mean the joining of a whole new family or signify the promise of a better finer life.

For ZIB, a 1-year-old border collie, it stood for both choices.

The pup’s early years were filled with distressing neglect. Then known as Kong, he was languishing in a shelter in Oklahoma, suffering from a severe skin disease and a painful sunburn. His condition was so bad that it was recommended that he wouldn’t be touched by anyone. His white fur had missing patches, with pink skin showing through these places.

Welcomed, nurtured and brought back to health by Border Collie Rescue & Rehab in Texas, Kong had another nickname since he became known as #387 on the shelter’s official website.

But do you really need a name to fall for the lovely white pup with the wide smile and the curious look? According to Curtis Hartsell, the answer is no.

When Hartsell looked through the dog’s profile, reading the description they put and looking at one picture were enough for him to fall in love with the little creature. He reveals that they were just perfect for each other. Talk about love at first sight!

At first, Hartsell, who works as a cyber threat intelligence analyst in Texas, was worried that his dynamic lifestyle wouldn’t fit having a dog, but he had a good feeling that everything would eventually and work out, and he followed his instinct. So, he submitted an adoption application. He states that he kept asking for daily updates about the process, and felt that the pup was already his from the beginning, thinking that the staff was just helping them reunite.

After many interviews and a home visit, his application was approved. Finally, it was time for the two to meet, and to mark the new beginning, Hartsell renamed the dog, going from Kong#387 to ZIB, in honor of a famous space dog.

Hartsell explained that the name was pretty fitting, since the original ZIB was lost dog who kept running around the base until they sent him to space for a successful flight, and his ZIB was lost too until someone lifted him and nurtured him for a healthy life. Now, “they are off to the stars together”.

When Hartsell first arrived at ZIB’s foster house to pick him up, a friend managed to capture the powerful moment, as shown in the beautiful picture below:

ZIB is now living in a caring loving home and couldn’t be any happier. The pup, who was once aching and suffering to the point of no-touching-allowed, now can’t get enough hugs, cuddles, and kisses from his new dad.

Despite his initial worries, Hartsell said that with ZIB around, his life has improved exponentially, and the lines of who saved who have since become blurred. He described his new life as ZIB’s dad as “fulfilling”. How incredible!

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