Frenchie Walks Up To Police Horse – Horse’s Response To Meeting Him Has Gone Viral

Can you imagine anything more adorable than two different animal species -both extremely beautiful, befriending and interacting with one another? Because we can’t. This tiny puppy named Frenchie was walking around Wall Street, New York with his owner when they came across a rather big police horse.

On account of the “Occupy Wall Streets” protests, police were present in the area, and slowly, the astonishing encounter between Frenchie and the horse caught the eyes of people. Eventually, they managed to attract a small crowd around them.

It was simply an extraordinary display of affection and beauty that you just have to see for yourself.

The video description states that the owner saw it on his way back to his office from his lunch break, and it was a lovely contrast to everyone’s stereotype of the NYPD in that area because of the Occupy Wall Street camp nearby.

The┬ácute French bulldog seemed eager to spend some time with his new buddy, as he looked at him in absolute wonder. You can definitely tell that he wants to play since he can’t stop jumping around in pure excitement.

On the other hand, the horse is a lot calmer and more peaceful, like a wise old man. But he was certainly appreciating the actions of his tiny new friend.

He looked somehow fascinated and amused at the same time. However, as he was on active duty, he kept his professional steadiness. It is an incredible mix of emotions, as well as proof that friendships have no limits.

The two friends share a heartwarming “nose to nose” moment with each other, where the little puppy is very enthusiastic. The people around them were excited too, some were smiling, others were laughing out loud. It had brightened those people’s day.

Once the footage was posted on Youtube, it quickly went viral, as it gained more than 5 million views and many well-deserved likes. Here are some of the comments on the video:

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