Huskies save kitten when she was just 3 weeks old and now she’s part of the pack

Would you identify yourself as a dog person or a cat person? Well, this heart-warming story is about a dog who is a cat person. Meet Rosie, a kitten who recently joined a pack of three Huskies after one of the Huskies, named Lilo, came to her aid.

When she was first found homeless, Rosie was only three weeks old. As she was sick and very thin, there was little hope for her survival and her minuscule life. She nearly didn’t make it through the very first.

So her rescuers took a risk and decided to try something different: they let her snuggle and cuddle up with Lilo, one of their Huskies who never had a puppy and never well. But, Lilo definitely had a strong “mom instinct”.

It was “motherhood from the first sight”: Lilo instantly began to care for the little kitten, nursing and nurturing her. Without her help, Rosie’s survival was very doubtful.

Lilo was delighted to have the kitten and look after her and seemed to think that she was actually a puppy. Well somehow, Rosie was pretty certain she was a puppy.


As Rosie started growing, she did everything in a Husky kind of a way, following the steps of the Husky pack and doing exactly like them. She even accompanied them on walks and all their adventures.

Lilo and Rosie had the same eye color, while the other two Huskies had blue eyes, and we can’t help but wonder: Could it be in their genes? Could that be the reason why they have their special bond?

Lilo was incredibly protective of her little furry companion, while Rosie seemed to know exactly that her safety was by Lilo’s side.

Wherever you find Lilo, Rosie will be there right with him. They even went kayaking together once. On the pack’s walks, the little kitten would just tag along on the bicycle’s basket. There would be no way she’d be left behind!

Now that Rosie is a full-grown cat, she still likes to nuzzle up to Lilo and cuddle with her. Obviously, the Husky has absolutely no desire in kicking her out of the nest, as both are content with their unique friendship.

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