Lonely Dog Escapes Yard To Get A Hug From His Best Friend

Meet Messy, a kind yellow Labrador who enjoys nothing more than being a good friend. He lives in Thailand with his human mom, Oranit Kittragul, but fortunately, she isn’t the only one whose life is better with Messy’s big heart and warm personality in it.

Apparently, Messy has already improved the life of another dog.

Across the street from Oranit’s house, loves a husky named Audi. As his owner is usually away from home for work, Audi is left alone in the yard, with nobody to play with. He often ends up getting anxious, like many pups left on their own. However, thanks to Messy being close by, Audi still has a great company by his side.

Oranit explains that whenever Audi feels lonely, he would start crying. She then asks Messy to go to him. Before long, Messy would just look from the fence of his home and bark to Audi, obviously comforting him and giving him solace, as Audi would suddenly stop crying.

Like the good boy he is, Audi was waiting for the opportunity to go and thank Messy for his help. And finally, it came.

One day, while heading off to work, Audi’s owner apparently forgot to close the gate to his yard. The husky saw a chance and took it. Much to Oranit’s surprise, she found out that he had escaped and was all of a sudden settled upon her fence.

Surely enough, Messy was right there to greet him.

Then, the most interesting thing happened, as they hugged each other, although the fence was between them. Oranit quickly snapped a photo of the sweet tender moment.

The lovely embrace between the two pups was quite brief, as Audi was returned home. But it was enough to reveal that the bond they have is deeper than Oranit could have ever imagined, created and strengthened despite the distance that divided them.

Given their connection, we can only hope that the two owners can make arrangements for them to meet and get together regularly. These two clearly want to socialize face-to-face. In the meantime, it is very promising to see Messy’s kindness toward Audi had already bloomed into a very beautiful friendship.


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