Girlfriend Tells Boyfriend ‘Either The Dog Goes Or I Go’ – Man’s Reply Wins The Internet

Most people consider their beloved pets as members of their family, or even closer. If the person you were going out with asked you to choose between them and your family member, we’re pretty certain you’d show them the way out immediately.

But somehow, some people still fail to see how inappropriate and ill-suited it is to ask their partners to choose between them and a pet.

One Roanoke Virginia beagle owner had the best reaction when he was given this final warning from his girlfriend, as he tried to rehome her instead of his pet. He took it up to Craigslist and made a hilarious ad looking for “any willing home” for his “purebred”.

In the pets section of the website, he reveals that his girlfriend is not fond of his beagle Molly, thus he decided to rehome her. He describes her as a purebred from a prosperous area who likes to play games but is not entirely trained. He talks about how she is high maintenance and only eats the best food, and how she never greets him at the door after a very long day of hard work. It looks like he is talking about Molly until he asks if anyone is interested in his mean selfish girlfriend, as “he and his dog want her to find a new home as soon as possible”. Crazy, isn’t it?

We still don’t get how someone could even ask their loved one to make this terrible choice. Well then, they will just have to be “rehomed”. That’s a really pleasant way of saying dumped!

The internet is totally in love with this guy’s reaction, as one commentator stated that girlfriends come and go but Molly is gonna stay forever since she is his child, not just a dog

We hope that he and Molly find a new, friendlier girlfriend soon!

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