Couple Adopts ‘Tiny’ Shelter Puppy, Gets Home And Realizes Their Hilarious Mistake

Although we can’t seem to understand why some people are not dog people – when you have a non-dog person living with you, you can go to great lengths to change their mind, like negotiating or bending the truth for your dog’s favor.

That’s what Sue Markham decided to do when she brought a little puppy home from her local shelter one day. To convince her husband to let her keep the pup, she told him it was a Jack Russel puppy.

Robert Markham didn’t want a big dog in the house, and Sue knew that her new puppy was one of the largest dog breeds, so she had to put forward “an innocent lie”. The new dog named Yogi was, in fact, a Boston Great Dane.

Eventually, Robert figured out that something was quite wrong when he noticed that the size of Yogi surpassed one of a Jack Russel terrier, and at last found out from his wife the truth. But he wasn’t even angry since he was already in love with Yogi at that point.

Great Danes are big, but more interestingly, Yogi was pretty huge for his breed. While the average weight of a Boston Great Dane is around 135 lbs, Yogi weighed about 200 lbs. Besides, he is 6’11”, making him quite the giant tall pup.

Robert stated that he wasn’t fond of big dogs at first because he thought they would take a lot of work and might cause some trouble, especially that the house only has a small living room. When Sue told him it’s just a Jack Russell, he thought: “How much trouble can a Jack Russell be?”. However, by the time Yogi was 5 months old, he was already larger than any Jack Russell terrier, with “a tail like a baseball bat”.

In other words, Yogi is as big as a horse. He even has a jacket made for a horse to wear for when it is cold out.

The 9-year-old pup is also quite spoiled. After all, owning a large breed dog would definitely come with large responsibilities, particularly when it comes to food. Yogi eats more than $200 worth of food each month: Four scrambled eggs and sausages for breakfast, every morning.

Yogi also has some very man-like behavior. He has his own couch that he watches TV on and that he is very protective of, as a matter of fact, nobody else is allowed to sit on it, except for a senior neighborhood cat named Toffee who comes from time to time to cozy up with him on his couch.

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