Understanding your dog’s actions

In a real “man’s best friend” fashion, to own a pup surely sets out an unbelievable amount of affection from dog to owner. So, understanding your dog’s actions is fairly important. Sometimes, it is pretty easy, like when your dog is giving you tons of kisses, it means that he wants to show you how much he loves and appreciates you. But other times, these loyal creatures can behave in more subtle ways.

Since we are not lucky enough to be as good as Dr. Doolittle in talking to pets, here are ten different signs that your dog can make and their interpretation.

Puppy-Dog Eyes

Obviously, this one is a classic. Puppy eyes are often displayed whenever your dog really wants something specific. However, it can also be used when trying to show you some love and enforce a higher trust between you two.

Following You Around

Indeed, having your dog following every step you take is far from being an ideal situation, however, you cannot deny that it is very cute. Vets state that this type of behavior is natural, as it is your dog’s instinct to constantly do activities with you and your family. It is actually pretty adorable!

Giving You Little Gifts

Did your pup ever give you a sock, a leaf, or a dead mouse? If your dog offers you little gifts occasionally when you forget to play fetch, his intentions are to share their joy with somebody else, and clearly, there’s no better person to do this with than you!

Cuddling After Dinner

It is recommended not to interrupt your pet while they’re eating their meal, as they are often quite keen when it comes to their food. But, it seems that cuddling with you after their bellies are full can only show how truly comfortable they are around you.

Licking Your Body or Face

While some people love it greatly and others find it pretty gross and disturbing, all pups like giving their human friends a couple of licks once in a while. It is, of course, a sign of love, but also a submissive attitude which helps dos alleviate and ease their stress or anxiety about certain things.

Going Wild Whenever You Return Home


Just like it is shown in the movies, the moment you step in the door, chaos is ensured; since your dog runs to you eagerly to say hi. Genuinely, they are just overly excited to see you back home. This enthusiastic response is their simple way of saying “I really missed you”.

Knowing When Something Is Wrong

Your dog doesn’t need to talk to you to know that you’re feeling a bit sad or that something is seriously wrong. They can actually read your body language very well, and also use their senses to detect these feelings. Luckily, they are more than willing to comfort you and give you solace.

Crawling In Your Bed

Getting up in the morning can be a bit too painful, but sometimes, your faithful pup joins you in your bed. This is not because your bed is probably cozier and comfier, but it is also how they try to keep you close for when you’re away for work.

Raising A Single Paw

This gesture can mainly mean one of two things: your dog is in the mood for playing with you, or they are hungry. But sometimes, they will try this when something interesting in their environment catches their eye.

Leaning Against You

If your dog is earnestly leaning against you, then they are trying to let you know that they are looking for extra love, extra kisses, and extra hugs. We all know that these playful creatures love to have a bit of attention focused and meant for them!

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