Foster Mom Refuses To Put Her Tiny Pit Bull To Sleep After It Was Born A Little Bit Different

When a licensed nurse in Westchester County, New York, received a newborn baby Pitbull hardly clasping to life into her home. She knew that a hard struggle is waiting for her. Though Sasha’s critical condition, Marie DeMarco adored the little baby. Sasha was born in early September with a noticeable cleft lip and palate, she was unable to nurse, and was threatened…

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Dog Utters ‘Mama’ Under The Influence Of Mom Bribing Her Baby To utter It

Dogs and babies can be a great resource of joy and fun, to have them at home is a delightful blessing, as for the Diaz-Giovanini family from Utah. Sam is a nine-months toddler, her mom Andrea wanted to hear him saying “mama” by rewarding him, in other words, bribing him, but unexpectedly, she heard it from someone else! Once the lovable puppy Patch heard her, he howled “Mama” repeatedly right away. It’s really surprising, something that we don’t come across every day. Patch is…

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