Dog Utters ‘Mama’ Under The Influence Of Mom Bribing Her Baby To utter It

Dogs and babies can be a great resource of joy and fun, to have them at home is a delightful blessing, as for the Diaz-Giovanini family from Utah. Sam is a nine-months toddler, her mom Andrea wanted to hear him saying “mama” by rewarding him, in other words, bribing him, but unexpectedly, she heard it from someone else! Once the lovable puppy Patch heard her, he howled “Mama” repeatedly right away. It’s really surprising, something that we don’t come across every day. Patch is…

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Rico, The Warfare Dog Received an Appropriate Military Funeral

The fighting dog was a faithful and true patriot. The dog boldly served beside his partner, Sergeant Beckley, In Afghanistan. They fought together for more than 240 missions and thirty firefights during his two tours. They had a solid relationship, even when the farewell time came, Beckley was keen to offer Rico an honorable interment. After twelve and a half…

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