Man Rescues Drowning Puppy Using Plastic Bottle

Gratitude to his fast-thinking, a Vietnamese cyclist rescued the life of a drowning puppy with the aid of an improvised fan made of a bottleneck. A little pup was sinking in the river in South Vietnam but Hoang Minh, a 21years old cyclist, was in the best place at the best moment to rescue the weak animal. As soon as the kind man saw a lifeless corpse…

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Puppy Howls To Wake Siblings Up – Has Internet In Stitches When He Sounds Like Chewbacca

Just like humans, some animals completely stand out from the rest of the members of their family. Take this cute Husky pup for instance. While his siblings were fast asleep, dreaming about milk and toys, this poor little pup looked restless and uneasy. It seems that this puppy isn’t suited for the litter life, he is looking for something much…

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A sudden absence of a dog urges his owner to hire a life-saving helicopter

The missing puppy, Roger, finally returns to his owner. After one week of going missing in the Canterbury town of West Melton, the lost dog returned to his owner, Russell Waters, who did all his best to bring his buddy back. Mr. Waters had tried every possible way to find his loyal friend, distributing flyers, asking everyone, and even hiring a helicopter. The dog had been found about 400 meters away from his owner’s gate that is located on Old West Coast Rd. Roger was found near a hedge, precisely, on the…

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